Rev Fr Armand D Robleza, SDB

Fr Armand D Robleza, SDB — Author, Speaker, and Retreat Master

fr-armand-robleza-sdbArmand Dytianquin Robleza is a Salesian of Don Bosco. He was ordained a priest in 1980. He was the Salesian Delegate for Social Communications of the Philippine North Province of Don Bosco for seven years. He published The Y Factor, the 2009 Yearbook on the Filipino Youth which was awarded the 2009 Cardinal Sin Book of the Year Award in Ministry by the Catholic Mass Media Awards and the 2009 Anvil Award of Excellence by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines. He started the CodeRED Family Magazine on Servant Leadership which also garnered the 2009 Anvil Award of Excellence. Every Christmas he publishes a Christmas story under the Read and Bond Books series: Hearty, The Angel Who Couldn’t Sing (2010), awarded 2011 Excellence Award, Second Printing Technology Exibihition in Guangdong, China and 2011 Book of the Year, Children’s Book Category, Catholic Mass Media Award, Zerah, The Goat of Christmas Night (2011), awarded 2012 Book of the Year, Children’s Book Category, Catholic Mass Media Awards. Father A, as friends would call him, is active in the retreat ministry. He is also involved in giving talks and seminars to educational institutions and business corporations. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Don Bosco Press Incorporated. Presently he is the chaplain of San Miguel Corporation and Planters Development Bank.

In the Code of Champions, he defines Champions as meek people who inspires other people with the passion that matters to them. The operative word is passion, the enabling word is meekness and the indicative word is inspiration.

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  1. I was a choir to his 8-9pm mass every sunday in don bosco before his homily is very good i even taped it so that i can listen to it every single day. Thanks Father Arman for your passion in letting the people go closer to God. God bless you.

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