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To Jesus, Through Mary

The other day while driving on the way to the hotel, I gave way to a group of pedestrians trying to cross the traffic. There’s something special though, as there’s this couple, with the woman most probably in the seventh month of her pregnancy. You can see her cautiousness and her great amount of care in walking about. Concerns that only mothers or would-be mothers like her know.

Our Blessed Mother Mary most probably have felt the same way when she was raising Jesus, especially knowing that this baby is special, though at that time it wasn’t clear to her the fullness of it all — yet. She just knew based on what the Angel Gabriel told her. She carried Jesus in her womb, raised Him up well, though she knows God in a way that no one else does. Though it must have been more difficult for her as for us now in understanding what she was undergoing through at that time.

‘Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart’, the Gospel proclaims to us. She tried to make sense of the mystery underlying the events that were unfolding upon her daily. She must have been solving this puzzle every single day, slowly putting together the pieces, maybe even feeling uncertain what it really meant. She was into the process, and Mary was patient in understanding salvation history as it is revealed, and not instantly like magic. She was never impatient. She had deep trust and faith in God.

Reflecting on the theme of the Gospel today, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God; let us put into our minds the need to think and reflect on our own experiences. We’re encouraged to make sense of our own lives, so that we can connect with Jesus, and find the meaning and significance of it all. Mother Mary was human like us, but she had deeper reflections and insights on the experiences as part of the process. Despite the difficulties, she was also focused on the big picture, that is, her role in Christ’s life as her own mission too. She stayed the course.

Through our devotion to Mary, we can be assured she can feel and understand us, as only a mother like her could. She’ll understand the hurts, the pains and the struggles we’re going through, for she has experienced more suffering than we can ever experience. When we’re happy, she also feels it. When in need of help, she’ll run in haste just like what she did to assist her cousin Elizabeth, even sacrificing her own safety. She knows and loves us that much, just like how Jesus loves us, in a way like no other mother could.

This New Year 2017 is a good start to offer ourselves to Mary and Jesus. Instead of another resolution, why not vow to devote more time to Mary in prayer? Let us do this in haste!

‘May God bless us in His mercy!’ (Ps. 67: 2a)

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