Thankful and Grateful

“Where are the other nine?” (Lk 17: 11 – 19)

Jesus asked this question when after cleansing ten lepers, only one came back to give thanks. It’s sad indeed that only one was grateful. The rest didn’t feel the need to say ‘thank you’. Maybe they’re eager to tell their friends that they’re already well? Or do they have short memories? Does the Miracle Healer not deserving a short ‘thank you’? Why is being thankful important?

We should always be grateful for anything as it is for our own good. We should realize that God’s love is unending and forever flowing. When we are grateful, we pass on the blessings and the mercies that God has given and will give to us. Thus, if we don’t, we disconnect ourselves from being in communion with God’s family.

A person with a grateful attitude will always be a happy person. Whenever tragedy strikes, people usually panic and turn to put blame on others without taking responsibility. The grateful person though will always use his deep and abiding faith as a source of strength and power. He knows that these trials will only make him sharper and stronger.

This Sunday’s Gospel, the Parable of the Talents, teaches us a lot of insights, one of which is the graciousness of God. This parable tells us about God actually taking the risks on each one of us. God takes the risks, with the hope that we will respond and use the gifts and talents He gave us to help our fellowmen and make this world a better place to live in. Imagine entrusting to us our talents, without a hint of guarantee that we would eventually use these for His greater honor and glory? A gamble, a big risk, because He loves us so dearly!

Despite experiencing pain, a grateful person always looks at life with bright-colored glasses. He knows that pain is a part of life, and his experiences will make him better like gold in fire. On the whole, while he believes that life is good, life doesn’t happen according to plan as he knows The Superior Being is the one in control. He also knows that life isn’t fair, yet he also takes each blow as a gift into making him become better and better. He is at peace, he is joyful. Eventually, he understands that everything has a beginning and an end.

Grateful people are happy people. Because they know they are loved.

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