O Behold My Risen Lord!

The Easter Vigil is one of the most beautiful of the services especially at the Holy Family Parish in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Elaborate preparations for the liturgy awe first timers in the parish. The ceremony, which features carefully-selected sacred hymns, reminds us of the significance of Easter. The Church leads the celebration in full display and splendor. The faithful take active part in the 3-hour ceremony considered by the new assistant parish priest as one of the most splendid ones he has attended thus far. I’d like to think that there are other beautiful liturgies in other Catholic Churches as well. I also believe that while the organization of the service is of prime importance, what will count the most eventually is the sincerity and deep humility of the faithful present.

The Easter Vigil is considered as the “mother of all vigils”. It deserves the time and attention for its importance in the Church.Without the Resurrection, there would be no Christianity to speak of. During this vigil, and as well as the other important celebrations of the Church, what I particularly like is the recitation/singing of the Litany of the Saints, wherein the names of saints mostly in chronological order are recited/sung. Listening to that very familiar sacred tune makes my spine shiver at the thought of how Heaven must be such a place in the company of the impressive array of the Angels, the Holy Men and Women who have given up their lives for the Faith. They are now in the awesome and majestic presence of the Most High God.

The lives of the saints are great models for those want to go to Heaven someday (who wouldn’t want to?).As Fr. Armand would say, “Champs aim for a mission, meaning, mooring and motivation around the mission.” In this fast-paced life, we should remember to be more attuned to the end goal. Competition and the rat race shouldn’t even be a word we know. Yes, it is good for business but in the end, this creates toxicity and stressful situations, which are contrary to what life is all about: significance, legacy, inspiration, and service.

In this awesome Easter, let us continue to reflect on how we can prepare for the beautiful existence in Heaven someday. Better still, maybe we can make the people we love and serve experience what joy and happiness is all about, by being a source of inspiration and motivation to them. We don’t need to tell them, we simply have to live life as Jesus envisioned it to be. This Easter, may Jesus be fulfilled in our lives, as He is the One, “who makes all things new”.

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