New Power, New Strength

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven He mandated His disciples to spread the Gospel to the world. A tough mission for this simple group of people and yet, because of their faith and the providence and sustenance of the Holy Spirit, this mission continues to grow today. We should realize that this command is not only for His apostles, but also for all of His followers and believers. Thus, it is incumbent on us, His people, to continue persevering in the Faith. Indeed God wants all His creation to fully renew and commune with Him.

Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.” (Mk. 16: 15)

We have to acknowledge that when the Lord asks us to do something, He also provides support in order for us to achieve the objective. He equips us with new power, new strength that we never knew we have until we use it for Him.

In my talks in various Christian Life Programs (CLPs), I always find it amazing to get better feedback from brothers and sisters in the community, or even from participants how they were touched with a particular talk I shared with them. But then on hindsight, I always realized that these talks that got better reviews were those that I felt I hadn’t prepared as much. Not that I didn’t give time to do, but just that when you start preparing, sometimes the thoughts just run dry, such that no matter how you try, you can’t just write anything. And then you just start to pray and realize that this is not our work, but God’s. So you just pray to Him to help in these moments when you can’t think clearly. You just ask the Holy Spirit to take over. And the results are just amazing!

Yes, when we’re doing God’s work, we trust that He will guide and aid us. We just have to trust the Holy Spirit to help us with it. Doing so will equip us with new power, new strength. This is one of life’s most profound mysteries: weakness transformed into strengths by the power of God! As Fr. Arman says,

Mystery will always accompany us, we need not despair. The very mysteries of life shout out to us the powerful presence of this mighty God. The sooner and deeper we accept that, the better for us. Ultimately then the choices we make in life bespeak of our accountability to Him. Champions prioritize the Spirit. Courageously.”

In this season of the Ascension, we pray that the Almighty God grant us the faith to trust Him completely, especially in moments of weakness and difficulties. All the reason to trust Him all the more. He provides us new power and new strength, which will make us more effective in our ministries and advocacies. Just trust the Spirit!

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