Need to Obey This Command: Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood

When we were little children, we were always repeatedly reminded by our parents on certain things. They’d warn us about meeting strangers, going home late, bad choice of friends, etc. they always do these to ensure we get the message.

We have heard in the past three Sundays the Bread of Life discourse in the Gospel of St. John, wherein Jesus reminds us again and again of the Bread of Life. Some experts say that this is a preview of the time in Heaven when the Great Feast will be celebrated. To become part of that, we have to be dressed properly. Being dressed properly means to be authentic, real, and not being a hypocrite. In the Gospel of St. Matthew (22: 1-14), we are told of the shabbily-dressed person who was thrown out of the wedding feast. He wasn’t dressed in the proper attire such that he was asked to leave. Similarly, we are being warned that when the time comes and we will be scrutinized ourselves, we should be able to meet the majesty and glory of the Lord’s presence, having spent the effort needed to be sanctified in our life’s journey. This humanly effort is made possible (despite our sinful nature after the fall of Adam) with the grace that the Lord provides. Else we are thrown out of the “wedding banquet”. The day is coming, when hypocrites will be called to account for all their presumptuous intruding into what the Lord requires.

“…whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” (Jn. 6: 51)

The words of Jesus are so deep in meaning such that it is also hard to decipher. Could you imagine being told,

“My flesh is true food and, and my blood is true drink.” (Jn. 6: 54)

It requires discernment and understanding to grasp its meaning and intent. The Lord wants us to listen carefully and understand the essence of His message. When understood, the Word of God penetrates the inner recesses of the heart.

We are invited to understand and open ourselves more, in order to get nourishment from the Word of God. Many are called to the wedding feast (salvation), but few have the wedding garment (the righteousness of Christ). We therefore have to ensure ourselves that when the time comes, we are in the Faith and always seek to be approved by the King, our God the Father.

May we understand the real meaning of the Bread of Life, so that we won’t doubt or fear, because the Lord has promised to be with us. Guaranteed.

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