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Making The Soil Fertile

The Parable of the Sower is one of those Gospel readings that Christians are taught early on. Aside from its vivid message, the reading evokes distinct images, so much so the teaching can’t be lost to the reader — or so it seems.
Thus the question, why do people choose to be rocks, rather than fertile soil?
As I was reflecting on this, my schedule actually brought me to China, where aside from the usual tourist destinations, our colleague there brought me to a Catholic Church, whose structure reminds me of a typical Spanish-style architecture in provincial Philippines. The walls are essentially made of limestone thus, the charm brings you back to a place quite unlike China.

As we made our way through the courtyard, a model in bridal dress was posing for the lens. She is pretty, and she enjoyed the stone backdrop. Inside the Church, a speaker was doing something like a Christian Life Program or so I thought. Looking at him and the participants made me feel happy! Something like this in China should be good!

And so when I went out of the Holy Ground I whispered a prayer: May the seeds sown by the speaker fall into fertile soil so that more souls are converted for the Lord, and make Him known more in a beautiful and yet still distant-to-Christianity-country called China. May we do our share in helping these souls so that their growth will be nurtured towards maturity in the Faith.

“The seed that falls on good ground will yield a fruitful harvest.” (Lk. 8: 8)

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