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Let Us Open Our Hearts to the Child Jesus!

Just like lovers officially declaring their engagement, Fr. Ely, our Mass celebrant during the Christmas Eve Mass, “It’s official! Jesus is here!”

The most awaited annual event have finally come! The wait though actually pales in comparison to the wait the prophets, holy men and women of old did. His coming was an event foretold and awaited for hundreds of years. And yet, it wasn’t an easy feeling that Mary experienced about two thousand years ago. She was in an unfamiliar territory, not even a house — but in a place for animals, a barn to be exact. She has given birth to her firstborn — but the angel told her this is the Son of God — and not just an ordinary baby. Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Word incarnate, in flesh and blood. He is true God, true Man; as a baby, totally helpless and dependent on her and Joseph. Mary was cradling God, the Light, the Truth, for all humanity!

The idea of the Incarnation, of God coming down from Heaven to save us from our sins, Mary and Joseph couldn’t comprehend at that time. The baby, for all the prophecies about Him, needs their special care and attention. They just knew He is special.

Fast forward to the present: people still can’t comprehend the vastness of His power. How He created the universe, all life forms, everything from nothing; is just mind-boggling. But let’s not attempt to explain it, we just accept God’s truth. He is the Word-made flesh, He is everything, but in His might and power, He came down from Heaven to bring hope, mercy and grace. Today, we celebrate His birth and His humanity, becoming one of us, in the flesh.

This Christmas, let us open our hearts to Jesus, create a new beginning in our lives, light up others in the same way that He lighted our paths. While we open gifts and presents, what is more important for Jesus is we open our hearts to Him. Let us open ourselves to the light of His grace, His goodness, and cultivate it, so that by doing, we become His light and hope to others in this crazy, busy world.

Have a happy and blessed CHRISTmas!

‘Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth!’ (Ps. 96: 1)

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