His Great Mercy and Compassion

One of the most poignant stories of patience is the story of Job. In the First Reading of this Sunday, he lamented about his miseries on earth


Is not man’s life on earth a drudgery? Are not his days those of hirelings?” (Jb. 7: 1).


In his difficulty, he was restless, that even sleep escapes him. However, not many are like Job, who, despite the situation, never cursed God for his sufferings, but rather cursed the day of his birth. And although he was so anguished over what’s happening, he stopped short of accusing God of injustice.


It is important that when we are in a difficult situation, we shouldn’t dwell on these problems. We stay the course. We don’t give up on ourselves. We shouldn’t stop believing, and always choose to remain hopeful of God’s abundant mercy and compassion.


Come to think about it, many other people are like Job, feeling hopeless and desperate. Some of them may even be within our families, our friends, our co-employees, our neighbors, the folks we see in church, and in the many other places we go. I heard of a family who became victims of murder-suicide after having problems with their business. While we may not know the real reasons, on the surface though it is sad to know that people in difficult situations resort easily to suicide as a means to end life’s problems. They don’t find meaning in their problems, but rather see these difficulties as an end in itself. This is wrong because we don’t really just do things on our own but rather that every action we do affects the community and the faithful as well.


The challenge is what do we do now? What is our response?


It is important to remember that in these situations, our first recourse is to pray for God’s leading and guidance. No one else to go to but the Lord. No other one but Jesus.




In the story, Job cried out to God. Thank God that Job persevered and remained faithful. Our challenge therefore, is how to reflect God’s mercy and compassion to others who are desperate, hopeless, and who find life worthless and a drudgery.


how to be a listening ear,

how to be sensitive to others’ cries for help, and then

what action to take.


Let us continue to reflect on these and allow God to use us for His purpose.


Have faith!

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