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God First

There are many times in our lives that we have to make hard choices, whether about our family, friends, work, and future plans. Life will never be always easy and uneventful as we have to face and carry our crosses in some forms. Every single day we are confronted with choices and the Lord is exhorting us to remain steadfast and faithful to Him. While following Jesus and doing good for others we are assured that He knows about it; even the simple act of sharing and giving someone food or clothing or money. For making the tough choices and for sharing His love to others, God will reward us for our faithfulness to Him. This He’ll surely fulfill even if what we do are small and seemingly insignificant acts. Everything matters to Him so we shouldn’t let any opportunity pass away.

But is it really that easy? Considering that Jesus isn’t one person we see every day, like our family, our friends, does it really make sense?

This question is important because if we’ve noticed it, when we’re centered on somebody or something else, more often than not our lives were also in disarray. Many years back when I was a young adult learning to find myself in the world, life seemed to be both a maze and a mess. Situations which I don’t understand just pop up and it seemed then that there wasn’t a connection to what I’ve always wanted to achieve. Life and what’s happening around just didn’t make sense. Yet, Jesus found a way (He always does!) to talk and make me understand what life is all about. I’ve realized that ever since there is one constant — Jesus — who’s always there to “cure” or correct the knots we’ve created out of our failings and shortcomings. Every time we’re in a bad situation we always call on Mama Mary and Jesus always gets us out.

Yes, God is and will always be there. Always. We have to put Him at the center if we want to make our lives more meaningful. After the previous Sunday’s message telling us not to be afraid, the Lord is telling us this time to make Him the center of everything.

Put. God. First.

If we want to have better marriages, better families and better careers – we need to put God first as the center of our lives. Building a truly loving relationship with Christ – first – will only make all the other aspects of our life better. This means creating a relationship and learning how to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Loving God will help us understand fully how it is to love – a love that will help us to forgive those who we think don’t even deserve forgiveness. It will help us to love those whom we don’t think we can love. We have to make a conscious effort to see Jesus in everyone we encounter, every day. When we put God first, it means looking for Jesus in everyone, which means we are in reality putting Him before anything, and finding God in everything. And in the process, we are loving those around us (our families, friends) even more fully than we had.

“You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation; announce the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” (1 Pt. 2: 9)

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