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God Above All!

Being a big basketball fan make me watch games of my favorite teams (and their competition as well). When I was younger this was an issue, especially when I was still attending my first Christian Life Program. In fact, one of the reasons that made me miss sessions was when my favorite team was playing important games. These brought me guilt, such that it came to a point that I made that conscious decision to give priority to matters of the Spirit over that of this world.

The Gospel today reminds us to accept and acknowledge the dominion of God in our lives. While we are exhorted to recognize the authority of duly-constituted authorities, Jesus reminds us God comes first. Our Lord seemingly assures us that God has put everything in place, and to a certain extent where we have to obey those responsible for us whether government, workplace, community, or any other institution we become part of, that is because it’s just how things work. We all have a role to play and we just have to deal with it rightly.

In all these, we have to remember: Who is more important?

We must acknowledge therefore that everything we do is our service to God and that we live for a power that is far above and greater than anything in this universe. We’ve got to have humility that whatever we believe in our daily lives, the rewards we aspire for, the decisions we make, and the goodness we do — is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam — for God’s greater glory. In reality it’ll not be as simple as that though. There will come a time or in many instances in life where we have to take a stand. In these moments, we only have to remember that God is our only God, there is no other. (Is. 45: 5)

May all people know and remember that there is none besides God, He is the LORD, there is no other!

“Shine like lights in the world as you hold on to the word of life.” (cf Phil. 2: 15b-16a)

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