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Becoming a Light to Others

There are many messages and insights that today’s readings bring forth. The First Reading (Is. 60: 1-6) shows the author’s inspiration of an event that’s so deep and well-described. Through the darkness, “the light” and “glory of Yahweh rises” upon us. The dawn of God’s new day coming makes your “face radiant”, your “heart throbbing and full”. The Prophet Isaiah must have been so filled with the Holy Spirit when he wrote this. The words are not only powerful, they are also alive and penetrating to the core of one’s being as if describing experience singing in praise of Yahweh!


St. Paul in the Second Reading (Eph. 3:2-3a, 5-6) tells us that this new dawn is not only for the people of Israel but is also for the Gentiles as well. Today’s Gospel (Mt. 2: 1-12) talk about the adoration of the Magi — foreigners and pagans — who came all the way from the East to pay homage to the Christ Child. They were guided by a rising star, yet for the rich and powerful, as Herod was then, signals a threat to their dominion and power over others.


As the Gospel reminds us that if God permitted the Magi to recognize and give the Child Jesus proper respect as the “newborn King of Jews”, we should know that nothing in our lives, not even sin, can keep God from bringing us to Jesus. We are also being challenged to detach ourselves from our treasures and offer it to the New Star, the New Treasure, who is Christ the Lord. Just like the Magi, for as long as we have faith that is solid and “diamond hard”, surely we will overcome obstacles to find Jesus and bow down in humility and faith.


Let us pray that the Solemnity of the Epiphany inspire us to seek the Rising Star in all that we do, even at the cost of persecution and difficulties.


May we realize that faith and trust in the Lord is what matters the most in this dark and challenging world that we live in.


May we realize that whenever threatened by darkness and challenges, our faith in Jesus will guide us into a new direction where we choose a better way of living.


May we become a radiant light to others as the star led the Wise Men to Jesus, through our service, dedication and compassion to the least, the lost and the last.


We saw His star at its rising and have come to do Him homage.’ (Mt. 2: 2)

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