Always in Control

Just before last week ended, one of the members of my team asked clearance to go on leave to attend to the death of two cousins, one of heart attack, and the other of cancer. Their family was also careful not to easily break the news to the other elders as several of them in the family are in delicate conditions too. My reaction was one of sadness and sympathy for them and since my teammate looked like prepared for the role of the “strong cousin and nephew”, I assured him that God is not asleep, and that anyway, offer these moments of sorrow for the forgiveness of sins of the departed members of their family. And I told him to “be strong, be prayerful, for your elders”.


When the apostles met a storm and were sinking, Jesus ordered the storm to calm down and it obeyed “Quiet now! Be still!” (Mk. 4: 39) They were thus terrified and said to one another, “Who can this be? Even the wind and the sea obey Him.” The experience was one of awe in the saving power of Jesus over the sea and thus revealing He is God!


The apostles knew from their Jewish faith that only Yahweh God has power over nature. In the First Reading, the Lord proclaimed to Job, “Thus far shall you come but no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stifled!” In the Old Testament readings, God always has this image of being capable of taming storms and that even Nature obeys Him.


As we journey through this earthly life, we encounter a mix of experiences, and its impact on our lives depends on how we look at it. At times we may find it challenging, on other occasions we find it enjoyable and fun. More often than not, some of us just come to God whenever difficulties are being experienced and ask, “Where are you Lord?” He seems to be away and silent. But one who has deep faith in Christ does not come to Him only when things go wrong. He is always connected with the Source of Power. As such, let us remember that Jesus is with us, even when He seems to be asleep. The beautiful part of it is that when we’re engaged with life, we are always looking at challenges and oppressions in a positive perspective, no matter the conditions. Fr. Arman said that as champions you have to “know what you stand for; then you will know how to live”.


The next time a storm comes your way, don’t be anxious and sad. Instead, be confident and believe: God is always in control.

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