There was a young man, a fresh graduate from a reputable school who applied for a job. During the interview their conversation went like this:
Owner of the company: “How much do you want for your starting salary”?
Young man replied: “One thousand Sir”.
Owner of the company: “Really”?.
Young man said: “One thousand dollars Sir”.
Owner of the company (surprised): “But that is forty five thousand pesos per month!”
Young man, “negotiable naman po Sir depende sa benefits”.
Owner: “So you will work for five months with medical and dental benefits including your family, on the sixth month you’ll get a car either a Lamborghini or a Porsche”
Young man: Sir nagbibiro naman po ata kayo..”
Owner: “Ikaw ang unang nagbiro e…”

Is your faith real or a big joke? Genuineness does not mean you do a lot of good things. The mark of genuineness is humility, a humble heart.

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