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Starting Young

Principles and Values were instilled since your childhood and are continuously being formed during adulthood. Generation to generation, blood to blood, these are being passed on to build one’s character, to hone one’s personality. For who you are today, you are defined by the principles and values that you live by through your experiences and beliefs. What principles and values will you inspire others to stand up for?

The Legacy

“What will people remember me for?” Wake up every morning with a positive mindset of making a difference to someone. Affect others through influencing them in your own way and building that lasting beautiful memory. Be that blessing to someone, be that light in the dark, be that spark of positive change, and thou shall be rewarded with great spirit full of love and happiness.


Trust. Big Word.

Trust: it takes time to build but only seconds to break. Be that person of integrity that people look up to and respect. Be truthful; keep you words and promises. It is hard to build and earn that trust but it takes more than double the effort of regaining that back. To lose that trust is like losing a friend in your life. Protect that trust; having a fine conscience, peace of mind, and self-respect are way better than having remorse and disappointments.