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Crossing Barriers

Amidst all the strategic planning and goal setting, the HEART for implementation is an essential element to a successful outcome. You won’t last if your heart is not into it. And communication is vital in making sure that the purpose for doing so reaches everyone.


Our lives are so rich, they can not be summarized into a single statement. Each of us is a brother or a sister to a sibling, a lover to a partner or a husband to a wife, a colleague in a professional endeavor, a believer of faith, a member of a sociology or civic organization. We try to respond to each one as the priority arises. We don’t ignore a certain area of our life because we are busy with the other. Balance is attending to various concerns, knowing fully well that life is not calling us to give equal attention to everything.

Walk on without regrets

Like the silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz said: “Ginawa ko yung best para sa country”. We all want to be champions. It starts with harnessing our passion for something bigger than the self. Walk ahead without regrets. Be determined and develop the habits for a fulfilled and meaningful life.