Life giving tasks

Convert concerns as life giving tasks and not just mere burdens or hurdles that requires instant solution. Focusing on such concerns will effectively propel one to action, unfazed by the other burdens that distract oneself from focus. What is important in your life right now that should be focused on?


Maganda at mapagpalang umaga po Father A. Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo, muling nabuhay ang puso naming mga guro. First time in our seminar na more than three hours kaming tumatawa at natututo at the same time. Walang umuwi at lahat ay nakinig at walang natulog. Saludo po kami sa inyo. Kayo ang tunay na champion! Patuloy naming ipagdarasal ang inyong kalusugan upang maraming buhay pa ang maging maayos. Salamat po ng marami.

Flora Aguilan,
Head, Math Department


God is a compassionate God. God will always be there for you. And part of his love is allowing you to suffer because he purifies the astray and strengthens the weak in faith. But to feel that love you have to take off your cloak. And you can make a start by focusing on a single aspect or a particular situation in your life. Move On!!!

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Victorious, Focused and Obedient

What is the first thing you do upon waking up in the morning? Some of us would say, “I drink water”, others “I fix my bed”, still some would say, “I’ll go to the comfort room”, while some pious among us would say, “I pray first”. However, our guest priest said that the first thing that is actually done, before all the others would be to “open our eyes”. Then the next things like praying, fixing the bed, etc. follows.

This question is relevant because this is connected to the last thing we do before laying our heads to sleep the night before. Before we end the day, and prior to sleeping, it is best practice to pray to God for a good night’s rest. We have to consider that because when at sleep, except for the fact that there is breathing, we are actually unconscious, even approximating death. It feels scary but that is the reality. Dreadful especially when one is not ready to face death. Even when one is “ready”, it is still a frightening thought of leaving this world to a still uncertain destination. It is appropriate then for us to be prepared when the time comes. Our day’s end prayer would approximate that of offering our body and soul to God so that we would be able to wake up to a new day. Not only to that but also the readiness to face death, if ever we are called in our sleep.

This Sunday, the Gospel tells us of the blind beggar Bartimaeus who asked our Lord to be given the chance to “see again”. Jesus said in reply, “Be on your way. Your faith has healed you.” (Mk. 10: 46-52)

The beggar actually didn’t waste time and even shouted louder when he was being asked to keep quiet. Blessings sometimes come to us when we least expect it, and even in quite difficult conditions requiring us to compete with others. Bartimaeus desperate conditions made him shout in order to catch Jesus’ attention, who was passing by unexpectedly. He made the immediate decision to call on Jesus, because it is his only way to catch the attention of the Lord.

Today, we are reminded to be thoughtful in the prayers we make. Our attention is called to the quality of our intentions and to whom and what we pray for. We are encouraged to pray for things that matter and not on things that are mere desires and earthly. Just like Bartimaeus, we should be able to discern the most important things in our lives that need instantaneous correction. Immediate because we don’t know the hour or circumstance when we are called back. Oftentimes in these areas of our lives Jesus’ healing is needed.

We are called to reflect on our own lives, how and what are we praying for. Are the intentions we are praying the things that really matter? Are we focused on aspects of our lives that need God’s healing touch?

The Gospels in the coming Sundays will speak of the end of days. Just like when we are about to sleep, let us make sure we pray for the most relevant intentions. We need to offer ourselves to Jesus, who is the only one who can heal us of our deepest infirmities. We need to do this because firstly, we need to ensure we are in a state of grace when we pass on. Secondly, we need to look into ourselves, whether we have lived the purpose for which God created us. And thirdly, whether we have lived a life to serving God and others.

It is therefore a compelling thing for us to ask Jesus to make us “see again”. Just like the blind beggar, our prayer should be on the things that matter most, and not on the things which are irrelevant and unimportant. Let us take note that when it is God who open our eyes, the first thing we see is God. Let us therefore shout out to our Lord to make us “see again”, so that we see Him and know what He wants us to do.

This way, we can be confident that we are directed to things that matter most to God. In doing so, we can be sure of being victorious and focused. We can be confident of always prioritizing the Spirit. For obedience to His will is what matters above all else.

I feel so blessed and inspired to be a better person. We should write our own stories and inspire each other. Thank you for this life changing seminar / inspirational talk / recollection / personal reflection.

Boots Cu
Tuloy Volunteer


Are you equating success or influence to something big? Each one of us has this mindset of measuring things. If you constantly maneuver and focus on your advocacy, it will grow and mature. Just like good habits that need lots of repetition for it to be infused into our life. Keep practicing and be a happy soul that produces the spark.

Earthly Power: For Love and Humble Service!

Election fever is gripping us again. About seventy-six so far have signified their intention to run for president after filing their certificates of candidacy. Nowhere in the world have you seen that so many number of people aspire for the highest position in the land. Knowing the magnitude of the responsibility that awaits the winner, you can’t also imagine how these people could have thought how to solve the so-many problems affecting our country. From graft and corruption to urban migration, environmental degradation, energy problems, traffic, etc. all sorts of problems abound. Add to that the worsening gap between the rich and the poor. And yet, many would want to become president and it makes one wonder why. This is only for the position of president, so many others are running in other posts as well. Does solving these issues grappling our country and people seem easy to them?

Running for public office — is it really about public service that interests them? Or is it about lust for power, prestige or protection of business interests?

Even in our personal lives, there are instances that we are tempted to show our power over others. When we are put in a tight situation, the temptation to prevail over others is so big that if we are impatient, we may cave in to arrogance and pride. We may want to show others “who is the boss” here!

In the Gospel, the disciples were quarreling among themselves when two of them, James and John asked the Lord for the privilege of sitting at His left and at His right when He comes in glory. Jesus has to remind them that “…whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all. For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Mk. 10: 35-45)

The concept of greatness according to the Lord is very different from the world’s. The world teaches power, but Jesus teaches meekness. The world teaches pride, but the Lord teaches humility. The world teaches domination, but Jesus teaches service.

Even those in the circle of Jesus were not spared the wrong concept of greatness. Just like the typical men of today, the disciples also desired power, authority and fame. Note that Jesus also fought and became victorious over these things when He was tempted in the desert for forty days. When the two disciples James and John sought the privilege of sitting beside the Lord in glory, their hidden desires were brought out into the open. But the example and credibility of Jesus prevailed when He taught them the real meaning of power and authority. The reason must be for love and humble service.

This is the challenge for those in government — including those who desire to be there — that these positions require the authentic humility to serve. There is no other way to serve the people who has entrusted the president to ensure proper management of food supply and security, health, safety, shelter and other needs, than humble service. The president and other high-ranking officials must remember, that they will ultimately be responsible to God for the millions entrusted to them.

May the Lord teach us how to handle power and authority when given the privilege. In moments of temptation, may the Lord grant us to be worthy vessels of His power and strength.