This retreat was very inspiring and meaningful for me. It very relative to life experiences. The sessions helped me a lot especially in coping with challenges and hardships.  Thank you Fr. Armand for letting me experience this kind of retreat.

Gina Espiridion




Walk the Talk

Have you have a moment when one’s self is valued above anything else? Simply because it is the right thing to do. Right chooses always lead to inner peace. It is bound to inspire people closest to you. As a result, they will also help you accomplish your goals.


The seminar made me realize the importance of managing your time and setting your priorities in life. Even a simple thing like, keeping your promises is one of the lessons I think I need to practice on. But most important of all the learnings, it’s being close to God and giving him more time even if you are too busy in your everyday life.

Lorelyn Mempin,  Sunlife Grepa


Over and Over Again

When we were still children, I’m sure all if not most of us have been at one time or the other repeatedly reminded by our parents in order to warn us about several things in our lives. Be it about coming home early, not doing certain things, studying harder, our choice of friends, and many more. At some point, we may have been filled-up with such reminders we tend to already feel irritated, but that is the extent of their love for us, such that they don’t want us to commit mistakes in life.


In the Gospel of St. John this Sunday, and even in the past week, we hear it over and over again: God’s message of love.


As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Remain in my love! You will remain in my love if you keep my commandments, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in His love.” (Jn. 15: 9 – 10).


During this discourse, we can read that Jesus was talking to the apostles and warning them about the trials coming ahead. Peter and Judas, two prominent personalities in these period of Jesus earthly life, had similarities and differences. Peter was rebuked for not thinking God’s way, while Judas was complaining about expensive scent being used to wash the feet of the Lord. Both were warned in today’s Gospel “you will remain in my love, if you keep My commandments”. Yet, while Peter remained rock-steady in his faith, Judas continued his plan of betrayal even as Jesus tried to convince him to change his motive, “will you betray me with a kiss?”


Just like these two contrasting personalities, time and again, Jesus would always remind us to remain in His love. Jesus loves us so much, and is even crazy for us. Yet, there are times that out of our stubbornness we continue to ignore Him. We deny Him when we are ashamed of our faith. We are Christians, but have we spent time to study our Catholic faith? Can we answer questions when other sects asked us about it? Are we different from those who have abandoned the Faith for lack of understanding and even indifference?


Let us remain in His love. But we can’t do it on our own. We need to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our earthly journey. We need the intercession and protection of Mary to lead us to Jesus, full of faith and confidence in His undying and great love for us.

Source of True Power

A branch broken off from the main plant may still look OK but after some time, it withers and eventually dies. The branch is rendered useless, become brittles and decay takes its ugly form.

The Gospel speaks about the True Vine, where Jesus exhorted us to remain true to Him, bear fruit, else the Father takes us away. He prunes every branch that does bear fruit, that it may bear even more fruit. (Jn. 15: 1- 2).

There was a time that Internet connection was done via dial-up and I can recall the speed then was slow, it was quite frustrating at times. You can’t get information when you needed it because there was no connection. You feel powerless and so helpless. This is the same with our relationship with the Lord. Have you experienced that point in life when we feel so “powerless”? That we can’t even turn around simple issues?

This is true with a life separated from God. Christians who abandon their faith are lured into worldly concerns and eventually lose the connection with the Giver of Life. When we are disconnected from Him, our lives become harder, we lose the rhythm, and we feel we’re insignificant especially in times of crisis. We feel there’s no hope and we lose life’s meaning and substance.

To restore ourselves into God’s good graces, we must continuously renew our commitment and our faith through prayer and reflection. We must continuously freshen up our relationship with Him by going to Confession and Holy Communion. There’s no other way. We must re-connect with Him.

Ensure that the connection to the “Source” of power is maintained; we should never allow ourselves to be unplugged from it.


Fr. Armand is one of a kind speaker. The wisdom he possesses comes from the one who sent him. I have never been more motivated, inspired and reborn in any talks or seminars that I have attended. I feel I can become a real Champion with the help of the Code of Champions seminar.

Rose Nieva Gile, Don Bosco Academy Pampanga

Be Engaged

Throw your heart into your promises. There is no other way to fulfillment but to commit one’s self and energies totally to fulfilling the prophesies one believes in. Don’t let your motivation wane, your dedication will follow suit. Do you have a reason compelling enough to push through with your promise?


A speaker who is as competent and inspiring as Fr. Armand should be invited to talk not only to Team Leaders but also to the agents as well. The topic he gave will be very useful to all of us as motivation.

Maria Taberes, Stellar BPO


Sharpen Your Life’s Purpose

It will do well for a leader to realize that the power vested upon him by the community is a divine will. A challenge to the leader – a daddy, mother, husband, pastor, CEO, government servant – must strive unconditionally to bring everyone closer to God. Nurture our connection with the Divine and become endowed with a wider significance of such a purpose we have been tasked to receive.