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You are afraid to die. Let’s say it in a kinder way: you are afraid of seeing ghosts, getting hurt, going hungry, going penniless, walking alone. You are afraid.

And when fear clutches your spirit, you end up full of regrets. You find yourself trapped in the cul-de-sacs of life, lost and bewildered. Take note of deadly viruses that infect your spirit. They come bundled with the fear app. Resentments make you blind to the blessings. Envy stirs aggression. Groping leads you nowhere. Rebelliousness dissipates your energies uselessly. Ennui burdens your soul with no meaning at all. Becoming temperamental destroys your personal equilibrium. In plain language, you wallow in stressful situations you yourself have compounded.

No, it is not passion. Rather, it is the absurdity of nervousness. Forcing yourself to get up in the morning is not exciting. Beating deadlines is no fun at all. Going through the motions of the relationships does not give life. And you call that living. I call it misery.

You were born to be a hero, my Champion. I did not give you two feet just to drag them along. I did not give you two hands just to keep them inside your lousy pockets. I gave you a mind to know what belongs to your plate and what does not. I gave you a heart to feel the exhilaration of standing in the front lines of life, and to savor the warm tears every time you rise from defeats. To live is to live with passion. There is no other way.

Believe before you doubt. Be still and gather your inner forces. Rev up your love for life. Cut out the chains of regrets that disable your spirit. Summon your giftedness. Focus on what you truly want in life. Then go for it! You will find yourself so engaged, you won’t even have time to think of the ghastly images of your fears.

So, start by dying to your miserable self.

  • Quiet yourself. Let go.
  • Put your right hand where your heart is.
  • Remember an experience when you were so afraid, and how the regrets later have “destroyed” you.
  • Let your hand tear away that stone of regrets from your heart. Repeat as many times till you find your peace.

Champions have fears. But they never let these get in the way of life.

Choose to be brave. Ignite your passions.


Your saws are sharpened for the competition. You are ready to face and outpace anyone who would dare cross your paths. Yes, your adrenaline is pumping almost non-stop everyday; there ain’t no mountain too high to climb. You must win. There is no other choice.

But why? Why the mad rush to be on top. Hasn’t it dawned on you yet that every time you win, you make somebody else cry? Yes, winners celebrate; losers drown in their tears. So we say, “sport lang.” Losers end as the necessary collateral damage in the battles of life.

Admit it: that fierce competitive snarl is only the face of your inner fears. Would you claw your way up front if there are so many seats waiting to be filled up? Will you be nervous standing in line if you know that the food is over abundant? You are just afraid. Fear is that nagging emptiness within and the insecurity of not filling up that vacuum in our spirits.

You were born to be a hero, my Champion. You were not created to fight for your meager portion and scramble for your little corner. That is for the beasts. Do not be afraid. Life is on your side. There is enough, more than enough.

Choose to be happy instead. Happiness is not a set of ripe conditions, but a personal choice. A rich man could be happy, so too does a poor neighbor. A married person could enjoy the bliss of companionship, so does the single person cherish her personal freedom. Being first could be exhilarating, so does being last so fulfilling. Decide to be brave. Defeat and despair are not in your veins. You were created for a miracle life. And you can make the miracles happen.

But first things first. Do not clobber that thirst for genuine greatness in your heart. It comes with peace and joy. You don’t have to outrun others, nor conquer every street of life. You only need to confront yourself and decide to rid your heart of the nagging baggage: your un-necessary wants, your superfluous treasures, your hardened unforgivables, your painful hurts, your pathetic behaviors, your un-attended unlovables. These feed your fears of living.

Meekness is the strength of honesty with one’s self. So make your lists. This could be very embarrassing. But you need to do it. Absolutely. Articulating your hidden denials is the first solid step of facing up to your fears. Do it now, not tomorrow. You should have done this yesterday.

Help me create in you a new heart that is open to love, my love.

Choose to be brave. Cherish the quiet power of meekness.


You have been much in a rush lately. Obviously, you won’t admit it: you are tired and frazzled. You complain that the temperature has spiked; but you haven’t noticed that your kid brother needs a haircut. You have been running about; and you were so busy to check on your harried yaya.

The problem with rushing is you miss out on the awesome countryside, you become oblivious of white herons standing majestically on carabaos’ backs. You just can’t wait to stop by the roadside burger joint and indulge in your favorite selfie pastime. Pathetic.

When you rush, everything becomes a blur. You don’t remember a thing; experiences elude you. The only thing that matters is clutching desperately your expensive mobile phone. You’re even worried sick your batteries are going to conk out anytime very soon. And you call this life.

You were born to be a hero, my Champion. Do not be afraid to press “Pause.” Stop: this is prescription numero uno for someone in a rush. Now, admit it: you are afraid of life’s red lights because you do not know what to do during those moments.

Stopping is never a forward business; it is looking back… and remembering. Turn off your engine. Put down your mobile. Tune in your GPS to yester-days. Worries and hurts get you nowhere, so focus on counting your blessings, yes, the wonderful blessings. It is the only way to see my love wrapped with the miseries. Promise.

Be thankful. And you will be a happy person. That’s another promise. Then you will sense that I have been riding with you all along. That is the revelation! You will never be afraid. It is I.

So make your list. Now. Start jotting down the blessings that refer to your [1] work-life. When you feel you have exhausted these, go to check on the blessings about your [2]relationships. Move to yourself as an [3] adult: the blessings about yourself now that you are in full control of life. Then bring back those rebellious [4] teeny bopper years when life was unfolding to you in exciting new ways. And do not forget the wonderful [5] childhood years when you were on the receiving end of “life’s lollipops.” May I refer to these as the Five Awesome Mysteries of your life.

Your rush is symptomatic of inner emptiness, which comes from being forgetful. Do not allow the mystery of your life to be gagged by the arid sense of un-eventfulness. I am the Lord of life. I will never allow that.

Choose to be brave. Choose to remember.