You are afraid to die. Let’s say it in a kinder way: you are afraid of seeing ghosts, getting hurt, going hungry, going penniless, walking alone. You are afraid.

And when fear clutches your spirit, you end up full of regrets. You find yourself trapped in the cul-de-sacs of life, lost and bewildered. Take note of deadly viruses that infect your spirit. They come bundled with the fear app. Resentments make you blind to the blessings. Envy stirs aggression. Groping leads you nowhere. Rebelliousness dissipates your energies uselessly. Ennui burdens your soul with no meaning at all. Becoming temperamental destroys your personal equilibrium. In plain language, you wallow in stressful situations you yourself have compounded.

No, it is not passion. Rather, it is the absurdity of nervousness. Forcing yourself to get up in the morning is not exciting. Beating deadlines is no fun at all. Going through the motions of the relationships does not give life. And you call that living. I call it misery.

You were born to be a hero, my Champion. I did not give you two feet just to drag them along. I did not give you two hands just to keep them inside your lousy pockets. I gave you a mind to know what belongs to your plate and what does not. I gave you a heart to feel the exhilaration of standing in the front lines of life, and to savor the warm tears every time you rise from defeats. To live is to live with passion. There is no other way.

Believe before you doubt. Be still and gather your inner forces. Rev up your love for life. Cut out the chains of regrets that disable your spirit. Summon your giftedness. Focus on what you truly want in life. Then go for it! You will find yourself so engaged, you won’t even have time to think of the ghastly images of your fears.

So, start by dying to your miserable self.

  • Quiet yourself. Let go.
  • Put your right hand where your heart is.
  • Remember an experience when you were so afraid, and how the regrets later have “destroyed” you.
  • Let your hand tear away that stone of regrets from your heart. Repeat as many times till you find your peace.

Champions have fears. But they never let these get in the way of life.

Choose to be brave. Ignite your passions.

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