You feel safe. Busy building your house with high protective walls to boot? Chasing dreams that will spell a comfortable life and a happy retirement? Got the latest gadgets? Excited? You’d better be. Life is good; you’ve got all the bases covered. But for whom are you playing the game? You can pile up your points, but the final score is still about significance, that is, your impact on other people’s lives. We are all our brothers’ keepers [and sisters’ too, to be politically correct]. Look around you: highly motivated individuals who exhibit tremendous staying power are those who dedicated themselves to something or someone else. Else? Yes. Self only? Sucks.

You were born to be a hero, my Champion. Cultivate character; it builds productive relationships. Have a heart; caring people will never know loneliness. Aim for a mission; that will keep your focus and open up opportunities. Maintain your balance, and life will be a meaningful journey. Everyday. Prioritize the Spirit; you’d never want to run out of courage for living, do you? Stay the course; nothing works without commitment. These are the six secrets of living with no regrets, and they work! Promise.

So what’s the catch? People will notice you. They will identify with the glow of your face and the memories you leave behind. They will wonder, and end up inspired by you. If you made it, they could. If you dared; they should. And if you are happy; they would. Pursue your dreams, but remember that you rub on others, for better or for worse. Consciously or unconsciously. You are always on duty.

Live happy. Summon your enthusiasm. Stretch yourself 110 percent, so you can believe in yourself. Yes, yourself, and not simply what you have done. Love people. Love your enemies. Every time you do good to those who hate you, your friends will feel secure about how far your love could go for them too. Make sure your forgiveness is unli, unless you would not want your love to be like that of God. Live an inspiring life. You will never run out of steam. And it doesn’t cost a cent.

So, commit yourself to one critical behavior. It is that one concrete action you’d develop into a habit to overcome your worst weakness. As time goes by, you’d stack up your private victories. Be patient, these will reach a tipping point when your genuine self will be re-born. Oops, take it positively. As you focus on this single behavior, you will notice that other areas of your life are getting brushed up too. Believe in happy endings.

Choose to be brave. You are called to happiness; you are sent to inspire.


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