4th Secret of a Champion: Maintain Balance

An excerpt from the book The Code Of Champions – Maintain Balance:

You will know a champion. He is engaged. He has made the choice to attend to life. Definitely. The sidelines are not for him. You will find him on a run, but never in a rush. Sometimes, slowing down is a must, but not to a full stop. And even if the red lights are flashing, the murmurs of his heart and mind never pause. All departments of life are given the right amount of time. Among the myriad of options offered to him, he has made his choices about what he wants to happen in his life. He has defined what success is for him. And he will make it happen. He knows his priorities.


5th Secret of a Champion: Prioritize The Spirit

An excerpt from the book The Code Of Champions – Prioritize The Spirit:

You will know a champion. People find him genuine. He follows reason, but he accepts the imponderables. Pain remains a mystery, but still embraced as a friend. He makes things happen, but never despairs of mistakes and bitter defeats. His love is heroic, expecting no returns. His humility is his staying power. He makes peace with his wounds and weaknesses, transforming them as the source of his strength. The champion has no extraordinary powers; he only has a God who knows, and who cares. The embrace of God around his soul is never the object of doubting questions. He senses the presence of the Divine around which he organizes his life. He never walks alone. And he knows it.


6th Secret of a Champion: Stay The Course

An excerpt from the book The Code Of Champions – Stay The Course:

You will know a champion. People find him reliable. When he says he’ll be there for you, sleep tight, he’ll be there. He sticks to his commitments. His word is his own rule. He is no quitter. Persistence is one of his consistent traits. 364 out of 365 days a year are ordinary days, nothing big or unusual is happening, still he never lets his guard down. You won’t catch him sliding into mindless loafing. Only once will he miss the action, and that is, when he is bedridden. Some guys come across as sore losers living boring lives. He is not one of them. Definitely.


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