Compassion Novena Intro

Dear Friends:

Christmas is just a few days away. As promised, we will be posting, and sending you by email, the daily reflections of the COMPASSION NOVENA. This one is only a test post. Well, it could also be the introduction to a deeper appreciation of our daily posts come December 16 to 24.

By the way, the post for December 16 shall be up in the evening of December 15, and so on for the other days.

Undeniably, the best gift we could give is the self. Daily, let us allow the God of Compassion to lead us to humbly assess some aspect of ourselves which hinder our reaching out to others. Many a times, we think that giving is about material or tangible goodies. Not so.

Some people say that our greatest hunger is to be loved. I beg to disagree. Our greatest and most persistent hunger is TO LOVE. The tragedy really happens when we have reached that point of giving in our lives… and there is no one to love? Pathetic.

Christmas reminds us of Gods own happiness in sharing with us his only treasure, his only Son. Christmas is sharing away something that we really identify with, and which hurts to give away. Yet, Christmas is a proclamation of momentous joy as the angels sang to the Shepherds on the blessed night. Sharing is the only way to real joy. And if joy were to last, the sharing must hurt. It is only then can we identify with the pains of others. Compassion is it!

Waiting for Christmas with you,

Father A, sdb

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