Your Will Shall be Done, Jesus

“I tell you most solemnly, you are not looking for me because you have seen the signs but because you had all the bread you wanted to eat. Do not work for food that cannot last,
but work for food that endures to eternal life, the kind of food the Son of Man is offering you,
for on him the Father, God himself, has set his seal.”

Jesus said it clearly that most of the time, people chose superficial over things that last. In the Gospel, the people were after the food that sustains physical hunger, and weren’t after THE REAL sign in their midst. The authentic sign wasn’t given attention. Most of us go only on what is visible on the surface.

Secret Number Four in the Code of Champions Seminar emphasizes that we have to catch the right balls. We have to decide what really is important and what matters to us. Keeping our priorities clear is an important element in ethusiastic people. On the other hand, tepid souls proceed through life without clarity needed in the journey, unaware of the perils of awaiting carelessness. “Don’t we instinctively feel sorry upon the sight of an abandoned half-built house? Many a tear would have been saved if only we have our priorities cleared up in the first place”, Fr. Armand clearly said.

True. There are a lot of us that don’t really know what matters most. We spend countless hours looking for things or successes that aren’t really important. In other words, we’re concerned with our rubber balls, rather than the crystal balls. We think that our personal lives, our careers, and our search for earthly treasures, are more important than the relationships, the goodwill, and the happiness of the people around us. We ignore the friction and the heartaches we cause because we are determined to achieve our “goals” and “successes”, without realizing that we are destroying the real treasures we’re supposed to take care, as responsible stewards, in our journey back to the Father. We want to be in control, and we don’t want to give way to Jesus taking over.

Life has a certain way of equalizing. Whatever we sow, we reap back. It is only in sowing goodness that we harvest back goodness. It is only in knowing the REAL BREAD — Jesus Himself — that we come to attain fullness of life, and get the seal of approval from God the Father.

May the Holy Spirit guide us to discern fully the will of Jesus every moment of our lives.

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