Source of True Power

A branch broken off from the main plant may still look OK but after some time, it withers and eventually dies. The branch is rendered useless, become brittles and decay takes its ugly form.

The Gospel speaks about the True Vine, where Jesus exhorted us to remain true to Him, bear fruit, else the Father takes us away. He prunes every branch that does bear fruit, that it may bear even more fruit. (Jn. 15: 1- 2).

There was a time that Internet connection was done via dial-up and I can recall the speed then was slow, it was quite frustrating at times. You can’t get information when you needed it because there was no connection. You feel powerless and so helpless. This is the same with our relationship with the Lord. Have you experienced that point in life when we feel so “powerless”? That we can’t even turn around simple issues?

This is true with a life separated from God. Christians who abandon their faith are lured into worldly concerns and eventually lose the connection with the Giver of Life. When we are disconnected from Him, our lives become harder, we lose the rhythm, and we feel we’re insignificant especially in times of crisis. We feel there’s no hope and we lose life’s meaning and substance.

To restore ourselves into God’s good graces, we must continuously renew our commitment and our faith through prayer and reflection. We must continuously freshen up our relationship with Him by going to Confession and Holy Communion. There’s no other way. We must re-connect with Him.

Ensure that the connection to the “Source” of power is maintained; we should never allow ourselves to be unplugged from it.

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