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The Holy Week is one of the most intensesorrowful events of the entire Christendom. During this time, the Church commemorates the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior. The Triduum is celebrated starting from the Mass of the Lord Supper on Holy Thursday, Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion, and the Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord.

The themes of the homilies, since the start of Holy Monday, have been central on love, lavish love in fact, when Mary, Lazarus’ sister, washed the feet of Jesus with costly perfume made from genuine spikenard; the betrayal by Judas and denial by Peter (Holy Tuesday), and the Passover meal wherein everyone is enjoined to give thanks and ask God’s forgiveness (Holy Wednesday).

On Holy Thursday the washing of the feet takes the spotlight, wherein the ceremony symbolizes the cleansing of one’s self of evil spirits. This again reminds us of Jesus deep humility to perform a function that only slaves do. In those times, the feet is the most unclean physical part of one’s body, considering people walk in sandals in the dusty earth.

On Good Friday we are called to venerate the Holy Cross, the symbol of God’s infinite love for us.

Come to think about it, Jesus doesn’t need to suffer for mankind. He is already the Only Begotten Son of God, who is the King and Lord of All. Yet, He shared our humanity despite our fickleness and our stubbornness. He shared our suffering and journeyed with us. He walked the earth, labored hard as a carpenter to make a living amidst extreme poverty that it defies imagination how come the Son of God came down from Heaven to suffer it all. And yet He did. On that fateful evening at the Garden of Gethsemane, the beautiful garden became a symbol of betrayal and deceit. In my daily prayer of the Divine Mercy Novena, God has taught this fact: every day, the Passion of Our Lord is repeated over and over again, millions and millions of times, every time we fail Him. Every time we sin. Every time we ignore His call.

In the continuing battle between good and evil, we are made to understand that He suffered for us all. Not only for me. Not only for all Christians, but for every single soul, He redeemed us all.

The call is therefore for everyone of us, to become the presence of God,

to heal when there is pain and affliction,

to bring peace where there is strife,

to give joy when there is sorrow and sadness.

When we do this, we make possible the victory of light over darkness, obedience over rebellion, and faithfulness over betrayal.

May the Lord of Light continue to give us the strength to endure the challenges, so that in the end, no matter what happens, love will triumph over hatred, darkness and suffering.

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