Jesus, Guide Us to You

Our Lord is telling us it is important to define and act on our priorities in life. In knowing the things that matter, Jesus pointed out we should look for the treasures that are eternal and permanent and that we should guard against accumulating wealth that wears out. He warns us that when the temporal things are what we consider treasures, these are also the ones that occupy our hearts and minds. We then lose focus on the things Heavenly and eternal.

When we lose focus, we also lose the opportunities of the present. Eventually, we’ll lose grasp of precious moments. Time is a gift and we actually never know how much time we have to do good and share with our loved ones and fellowmen.

Therefore it is important that we should focus on the moment. We shouldn’t lose the opportunities that God is giving us. Anything that we can do now, we should attend to it with a sense of urgency. Don’t postpone doing as the chance may not happen again. We shouldn’t procrastinate until tomorrow because tomorrow has its own set of opportunities and challenges. Time is a gift. Time is precious.
We shouldn’t worry about the past and we shouldn’t be anxious about the future. When we worry about the past, we again lose time on things that can’t be undone. Worrying about the future is still losing the present moment which would be better spent attending to the opportunities and issues of the moment.
When life seems chaotic, the failure to sit back and reflect can set aside the more important things as our brains are programmed to address those we can solve the quickest. Unfortunately, these may not be the real priorities of now. The more important matters which have the longer effect on our lives are scrapped to the sidelines, at the expense of our personal and family life.

Praying and meditating each day to discern what matters most is a powerful way of ensuring we are ready each day. It can help bring order to chaos, and reduce the risk of letting our minds run our lives on auto-pilot and thus dim our chances of taking control of our lives. Praying can help us focus on things that really matter, as well as provide a calm and steady assurance of Divine Guidance in the face of overwhelming demands on our attention. Most of all, it’ll help us be ready when the Son of Man will come, when He will ask us to account of how we managed the talents He has entrusted to us.
“Stay awake and be ready! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.” Mt. 24: 42.

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