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Growing into Good, Bountiful Harvest

The Gospel reveals that the enemy is always in perpetual plot against the Good of this Earth. In the Parable, these are portrayed as the weeds, whose vicious nature choke the good plants. Uprooting these vicious characters too early may bring more harm than good. These have to be timed well, so that the harvest will be bountiful.

Our Lord tells us about the mustard seed, which despite being small, grew into a big tree, that even birds become attracted to it. In similar fashion we are being encouraged to grow towards fullness of life in Christ.

Leaven (like yeast) is used by the Lord in another parable as a symbol of the awesome power of God. When left to itself, dough remains just what it is — dough. But when leaven is added to it, a transformation takes place which produces rich & fine bread when heated.

The Kingdom of God offers transformation when we receive Jesus in our hearts. When we yield to Christ, our lives are transformed by the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

At the early stage of reason, good and evil are sown in our hearts like small seeds which grow, and yield a harvest of either good or bad fruit — depending on what we nurture within us. Those who sow goodness will shine and reap the fullness of the Father’s Grace in the Kingdom of Heaven. Their light will be awesomely brilliant and will radiate with joy, beauty and fullness of love.

“Lord God, nurture the good seeds in my heart, aid me to resist the evil one, and may the Holy Spirit dwell in me forever, so that I will be transformed into the fullness of Your Love and Grace. Amen.”

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