Becoming Trustworthy

One person I know left his job because of his own perception that he is treated unfairly by his employer. When talking about his work with others, he was quite expressive about it. To some extent, it appears to me that he feels some entitlement, or perhaps some pride. Even in other organizations, there are others who feel the same way, always thinking about the “I”, rather than the “we”. In the present time, people everywhere tend to be obsessed with what many call “equal rights.” Whenever there are others they think are treated better than themselves, they get envious and angry.

Even in today’s Gospel proclamation (Mt. 25: 14-30) we see reactions about how the master gave different talents to his servants. If you were the one given only one talent while two of your colleagues at work received five and ten, would you feel being subjected to inequality? Would you raise this concern to your superior? Maybe you would.

The Lord is telling this parable in the context of how we will make use of the talents given to us, how we use it to grow and help others. On the day of judgement we will all account for the talents that we are given. Obviously, each one is given different gifts in accordance with God’s will and plan for our lives. In the eyes of the world, to one He will entrust many, while to some He gives lesser.But it is not fair to judge others based on the way we measure.God looks at matters differently from how people do. For example, the usual intelligence is measured only through how people fare in school. However, we note that in life, people are gifted with different kinds of talents and if they pursue to develop these, they become better and better at it such that they become the best in their fields.People like Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, Bobby Fischer, Bill Gates, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and our own Manny Pacquiao among others have different types of talents. They became world-class because they have nurtured their gifts and pursued development even at an early age. Yet to others, it’ll appear that God gives different portions of blessings to different people. To the world, He gives what seems to be an overflow of blessings, while to others, only very little.

God is fair, however. This parable shows that it isn’t about how many talents He has given, rather, it is about what one does with these gifts. Thus, we should ask ourselves: 

What are the talents that God has given me

What am I supposed to do with these talents

Have I been a great steward of what God has entrusted to me?

Let us pray for discernment, humility and generosity, that we know what mission God has tasked us to fulfill, accept what He has given us, and nurture it so that what we do will bear fruit. Let us pray that we become trustworthy of the gifts that the Lord has given us. Let us pray that we be generous in sharing our gifts with others, especially the least, the last and the lost.

Remain in me as I remain in you, says the Lord. Whoever remains in me bears much fruit.” (Jn. 15: 4a, 5b)

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