Be Watchful! Be Alert!

We are all given a limited number of heartbeats in this lifetime. For the souls ahead of us, some were given a few years, some were given long lives, while some were given only up to midlife. As to how it’ll end for us, we don’t really know the answers. For Christians in general, we believe in eternal life for which we are hopeful to attain with God’s mercy and grace. 

When my Lola Andang was busy raising me and her other grandchildren, I always observe her praying the Holy Rosary and that created a deep and lasting impression on me. She was a very prayerful woman, saying prayers when she wasn’t too busy thinking about other things.Widowed early, she was left to raise seven children of which my mother is the eldest. Yet, despite the difficulties that life threw at her, she was able to lead her brood to successful achievements. Even to this day, we haven’t stopped talking about how courageously persistent she was. And I’m sure that God was always near her, within whispering distance.

In the Gospel (Mk. 13: 33-37), Jesus said to His disciples: “Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come. The Lord says that we need to be watchful, as we “do not know when the Lord of the house is coming, whether in the evening, or at midnight,
or at cockcrow, or in the morning.” 

This warning is perfect in timing and reminding of the need to be watchful.

Are you mindful of the presence of Christ? Being mindful means being fully aware of His presence every moment, every minute even at our busiest. It is about seeking, looking and anticipating God’s presence.Sin and wrongdoing can block our ability to feel spiritual matters so that there is haziness and cloudiness around. These noises can affect our hearing God’s leads and whispers. Without our realizing it, we are “asleep” instead of being watchful and alert.

Also, excessive attention to social media platforms are forms of “sleepiness” that contribute much to distraction in our faith experience. Beware of these addictions!

As we begin this Advent Season, let us reflect on how the Lord is constantly seeking our attention. He is not shouting, but is whispering softly and sweetly. He is persistent in telling us to be watchful, to be alert. After all, His words and leadings are all that matter. Thus, we need to listen deeply with our hearts. 

Let us pray that we take the effort and time to listen to Him. Let us pray to prepare for Jesus’ coming. Let us be awake in hopeful anticipation.

Show us Lord, your love;and grant us your salvation.” (Ps. 85: 8)

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