Behind the silence of the teachers yesterday, was their honesty why they are present in this retreat. If only you were given the opportunity to speak with them individually, few might have said they are present because they were required; some might have said they are longing for spiritual nourishment while others who are embraced by their pride and selfishness secretly hold back their hunger for enlightenment so they could find a spark to light their humility and serve others. Nevertheless, we surely went back this morning not because of attendance nor directive but because we agreed to bring out and awaken the Champion in us.

Fr. A, we were somehow the lost lamb when we came, but when you started your opening salvo, we started seeing the direction towards home. You showed the sun to our dark horizon. We found not just the mirage but the precious and amazing oasis in our desert. Thank you very much. As teachers, this retreat touched our limbic brains and encouraged us to make adjustments so our students could claim us as the rockstar of their lives.

The road to being Champion may be challenging. As humans, we have emotions like any other that could test the solidity of our faith. But life has it’s own enchantment. That’s why you came. Thank you, for generously sharing the six secrets of living a life with no regret. The code of a Champion.

Holy Family Academy Faculty, Angeles City, Pampanga

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