The Code Of Champions


“Transformation is the agenda of meek spirits, who are enthusiastic about their passions in life. These are people who inspire other people. They are the champions of life. And the world sorely needs them.”

 The Code of Champions articulates six secrets to living a life of no regrets. Living them “separates the men from the boys.”

The 6 Secrets

  1.  Champs CULTIVATE CHARACTER.  They remain faithful to their principles even when no one is around.
  2. Champs HAVE A HEART. They nurture their intimacies not only to satisfy their own needs , but to be able to give themselves more effectively to the bigger community.
  3. Champs AIM FOR A MISSION. They find their meaning, mooring, and motivation around their mission.
  4. Champs MAINTAIN BALANCE. They attend to all areas of their lives; and define what success is really for them personally.
  5. Champs PRIORITIZE THE SPIRIT. They live lives accountable to a higher being with whom no pretense can stand.
  6. Champs STAY THE COURSE. They commit themselves to their winning lifestyles, no matter what.