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Novena of Compassion: Dec. 24



THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to pay attention to my own needs and well-being. I do really matter. How easy it is for me to turn my attention from my priorities to substitutes. I will endeavor to be prompt in setting priorities and taking action on them. I must cease and desist from escaping the discomfort and change of life. I choose to love myself as well as I love others.

Today, I will spread serenity, acceptance and kindness. I WILL GIVE HEALING TO THE WORLD.

Novena of Compassion: Dec. 23



THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to be attentive to my impact on others. I must temper my intensity with the acceptance of my vulnerability. I will allow myself the pleasure of tender feelings. I will practice waiting and listening before taking action. I need a sense of calm and quiet within. Seeking win-win solutions will inevitably lead me to the best options in life.

Today, I will summon the strength to be a positive influence to people. I WILL SPEAK OUT FOR WHAT I REALLY BELIEVE.

Novena of Compassion: December 22

santa slaud

THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to notice that my seeking pleasurable options is a response to my fear of deprivation, or a desire to escape from responsibilities that constrain my freedom, or an escape from pain. I will focus on working at one thing at a time until it is completed. Dreaming is good, but daydreaming is definitely a bum. I should rather be more conscious of the feelings of others, and realize that it is limiting to seek just the positive and avoid the negative.

Today, I will be cheerful and enrich the lives of others around me. I WILL SHARE HAPPINESS.

Novena of Compassion: December 21

christmas tree

THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to reclaim faith in myself, others, and the universe. I must learn to accept that some uncertainty and insecurity area a natural part of life. I need not fear. I need not fight nor flee. I will summon positive action instead, in spite of the my tentativeness.

Today, I will be courageous before everything life has to offer. I WILL TRUST IN THE GOODNESS OF LIFE.

Novena of Compassion: December 20

christmas balls

THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to experience the wonder of feelings instead of retreating into detached analysis. Withdrawing and withholding brings me no benefits. I will take action, realizing that I have ample energy and support to carry it off. I will engage in conversation and express myself, even daring myself to reveal personal matters.

Today, I will fully engage with life and appreciate the beauty around me. I WILL REFRAIN FROM BEING JUDGMENTAL OF MYSELF AND OTHERS.

Novena of Compassion: December 19



THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to focus on what is positive in life right now, rather than pine and whine for what is missing. I need to tame my fluctuating moods and intense feelings. I better be involved with the interests of others to avoid the cul-de-sac of self-condemnation. I have so much creativity to share. Yet, I will appreciate the ordinariness of the day ahead of me.

Today, I will be forgiving and choose the path of growth and renewal. I WILL LET GO OF THE PAST.

Novena of Compassion: December 18

Christmas Wreath

THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to honor my feelings. Success has become so compelling that I cannot get off the high-speed train of frenetic action. I cannot constantly live for the expectations of others, and forget who I really am, and how I really feel. I need to apply the brakes. What will it profit me if everyone applauds me, yet there is this nagging feeling that it could all be a show, a theatre of make-believe characters who dance gracefully with my song? Nothing could be more effective than self-introspection. I need to touch my own soul.

Today, I will savor the different nuances of my life, and value others for who they are. I WILL SET A FINE EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS TO EMULATE.

Novena of Compassion: December 17


THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to realize that to be loved, I don’t have to be Miss Congeniality always or be the impeccable Super Gentleman ever. Nothing beats being my true self. Why do I compel myself to be nice and caring always? Or is it my way of avoiding rejection? I will allow others to be nice to me for a start. People do not expect me to accommodate to them every time; why should I? Or is it my unconscious way of writing my check for a payback tomorrow.

Today, I will balance showing goodwill to others with a genuine appreciation of myself. I WILL NURTURE MYSELF AND OTHERS.

Novena of Compassion: December 16


THE GOD OF COMPASSION INVITES ME to appreciate that there are many ways to being right. When I judge people wrong, it is then that they may just be different from me in many ways. So, I will readily forgive myself and others. Free time and relaxation could really help. Rigid rules and inner strictness may delineate the parameters of living, but they are not exactly life-giving. Just maybe, I need to loosen up.

Today, I will answer life’s call to be wise and discerning. I will live for a higher purpose.

Compassion Novena Intro

Dear Friends:

Christmas is just a few days away. As promised, we will be posting, and sending you by email, the daily reflections of the COMPASSION NOVENA. This one is only a test post. Well, it could also be the introduction to a deeper appreciation of our daily posts come December 16 to 24.

By the way, the post for December 16 shall be up in the evening of December 15, and so on for the other days.

Undeniably, the best gift we could give is the self. Daily, let us allow the God of Compassion to lead us to humbly assess some aspect of ourselves which hinder our reaching out to others. Many a times, we think that giving is about material or tangible goodies. Not so.

Some people say that our greatest hunger is to be loved. I beg to disagree. Our greatest and most persistent hunger is TO LOVE. The tragedy really happens when we have reached that point of giving in our lives… and there is no one to love? Pathetic.

Christmas reminds us of Gods own happiness in sharing with us his only treasure, his only Son. Christmas is sharing away something that we really identify with, and which hurts to give away. Yet, Christmas is a proclamation of momentous joy as the angels sang to the Shepherds on the blessed night. Sharing is the only way to real joy. And if joy were to last, the sharing must hurt. It is only then can we identify with the pains of others. Compassion is it!

Waiting for Christmas with you,

Father A, sdb