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Walk on without regrets

Like the silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz said: “Ginawa ko yung best para sa country”. We all want to be champions. It starts with harnessing our passion for something bigger than the self. Walk ahead without regrets. Be determined and develop the habits for a fulfilled and meaningful life.


Be prompt in expressing your appreciation. Readily dish out compliments as the occasion demands. You lose the moment of kindness when you postpone a good word that needs to be expressed. Positive feelings of the person involved surfaces and boosts morale!


Be true to yourself and your principles. Remain humble in spite of your achievements in life. You are someone who people look up to and admire, someone of great influence to others. Having that genuine care for your constituents is a stepping stone in building strong connections with them. Give utmost unconditional love & care. People will remember you for what you’ve done through your actions, just like the saying, “actions speak louder than words.”


Let’s live our lives in a way that leads to the pursuit of our goals. No matter how long it takes to achieve them, all it takes is perseverance.

The welfare of our loved ones will motivate and compel us to be dedicated to the cause. We become fully involved and this calls for constant action which ultimately is a hard habit to break.


Make life worth living for people around us. No matter what we are going through, it is our responsibility to be engaged and remain enthusiastic to what life offers. The cross we bear is not for ourselves but for the people around us. There is no room for a selfie. Embrace your cross and be involved.

equilibrium for inner peace

Have you been hit with a deluge of challenging situations all at the same time? Learn discipline with intellectual honesty- focus on what needs to be prioritized. Set timelines and learn to obey them. The joy of inner peace is the fruit of steady, disciplined action, balanced with inner convictions that propel such motive.