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Itch For Excellence

Have you been brave enough to ask: Why am I here? Our quest for our mission in life is always a daily process of honing oneself. Do not think this is a task you can achieve by your lonesome. People around you whether directly or indirectly will help you accomplish your mission. Be insightful and the process will be easier along the way. For all you know, the people in your life right now are the same people who will shape you to acquire the excellence you will need in order to fulfill your mission.

Nurturing Connections

Each one of us is given an opportunity to inspire and empower the people we interact with. They will feel the concern and care that emanate from you. We have a responsibility to everyone we meet to ensure that they become better persons after our paths have crossed. Have you thought of how you nurture relationships with your love ones?

Values. Values.

Great values never go out of style. The values that you have reflect the kind of lifestyle that you live and relationships that you keep. Values last for a lifetime as these are the things that you strongly believe in that no matter how challenging a situation may be, you stand firm to your beliefs and belief system. Be that person who people will look up to for standing up for his values even if it may cost him anything in his life.

Voice From Within

Acting in congruence with once conscience is our loving response to God’s presence.  We fine tune a contemplative spirit and this happens when we turn off the radio while driving, put into silent mode a gadget that takes us away from this mood or simply make time to keep quiet and listen to the voice that calls within. Has it been a practice of yours to keep in touch with our inner selves and review the events of the day? Listen! ….. And affirm your connection with the voice from within.

Rich Tapestry

Crafting your personal mission statement takes a few stages of inspirations from one’s life. Each experience is like a yarn that you weave, adding hues and colors as you go through your mission. Be passionate in your mission! Your enthusiasm will draw others to you. Let them be a part of the huge tapestry of life- a never ending weaving and interlocking that ultimately, will involve a bigger community forming  a rich tapestry.

What Do I Stand For?

Know what you stand for and you will know how to live. It is that kind of having a purpose that’s why you live. You live and breathe for something that you yearn for, you aspire of doing, you find self-fulfillment. Is it also in these instances that you find the meaning of your life; the life I have destined for you. What have you been doing so far that gives meaning to yourself and your life? Stand for it and live life!

Have A Heart: That Lasting Beauty

Be true to yourself and your principles. Remain humble in spite of your achievements in life. You are someone who people look up to and admire, someone of great influence to others. Having that genuine care for your constituents is a stepping stone in building strong connections with them. Give utmost unconditional love & care and these actions will reciprocate to you from your peers and loved ones. People will remember you for what you’ve done to them through your actions, just like the saying, “actions speak louder than words.”

Cultivate Character: Starting Young

Principles and Values were instilled since your childhood and are continuously being formed during adulthood. Generation to generation, blood to blood, these are being passed on to build one’s character, to hone one’s personality. For who you are today, you are defined by the principles and values that you live by through your experiences and beliefs. What principles and values will you inspire others to stand up for?

Gospel Mark 4:26-34 (Memorial of St John Bosco)