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Embrace Your Cross

We all have our crosses to bear. The situations, sickness or burdens challenge us to be transformed and become the person we are supposed to be. Embracing it will empower us. Sufficient love and grace will see us through and not let it destroy us. Would you throw your cross in the pile and trade it with another one?

Looking back at the cross we had to bear, we learn to appreciate the journey and embrace the cross.

Limiting Communication

There was a sign in one of the restaurants: “No WIFI. Talk to each other .” Forms of communication like email, Instagram, Facebook,  IM, Viber , Twitter and what have you fill up our day to the point where we forget to communicate with those whom we value- people in front of us. Limit your information consumption online, log off and talk to each other. Free your time to what you value.

Voice From Within

Acting in congruence with once conscience is our loving response to God’s presence.  We fine tune a contemplative spirit and this happens when we turn off the radio while driving, put into silent mode a gadget that takes us away from this mood or simply make time to keep quiet and listen to the voice that calls within. Has it been a practice of yours to keep in touch with our inner selves and review the events of the day? Listen! ….. And affirm your connection with the voice from within.