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Catch the Crystal Balls

A happy person acknowledges that all things need to be attended to at the appropriate time. Focusing on what is important requires discipline of not letting your feelings propel you to action without proper discernment.  Which of your concerns are the crystal balls in your life right now? First things first–attend to what is important and valuable.

4th Secret of a Champion: Maintain Balance

An excerpt from the book The Code Of Champions – Maintain Balance:

You will know a champion. He is engaged. He has made the choice to attend to life. Definitely. The sidelines are not for him. You will find him on a run, but never in a rush. Sometimes, slowing down is a must, but not to a full stop. And even if the red lights are flashing, the murmurs of his heart and mind never pause. All departments of life are given the right amount of time. Among the myriad of options offered to him, he has made his choices about what he wants to happen in his life. He has defined what success is for him. And he will make it happen. He knows his priorities.