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Lighting Up A Room

Be ready with your genuine smile. It assures a friend, raises the spirit of everyone in the room and dispels a negative emotion. Has anyone called you a sunshine because of the positive aura you exude? Your infectious smile creates an atmosphere of well being and inspires others to become happy people. Smile and make it a habit 🙂

Nurturing Connections

Each one of us is given an opportunity to inspire and empower the people we interact with. They will feel the concern and care that emanate from you. We have a responsibility to everyone we meet to ensure that they become better persons after our paths have crossed. Have you thought of how you nurture relationships with your love ones?

Have A Heart: That Lasting Beauty

Be true to yourself and your principles. Remain humble in spite of your achievements in life. You are someone who people look up to and admire, someone of great influence to others. Having that genuine care for your constituents is a stepping stone in building strong connections with them. Give utmost unconditional love & care and these actions will reciprocate to you from your peers and loved ones. People will remember you for what you’ve done to them through your actions, just like the saying, “actions speak louder than words.”

2nd Secret of a Champion: Have A Heart

An excerpt from the book The Code Of Champions – Have A Heart:

You will know a champion. Working with him is a joy. He comes across as a friend because deep inside he truly cares for others. And you can feel it. Concern is not a duty to be complied with; it is his motivation for action. He gets out of his comfy bubble to get things done, ever generous with his best yet devoid of a personal agenda. His one desire is the success of others. You can feel his sincerity. He nurtures connections with others — not to polish this reputation — but to inspire and empower them to reach for a common mission that will spell the common good. This creates a strong sense of mutual openness. Everyone wants to be on his team.