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A Battle Cry For Success

Hard work. Honesty. Humility: The 3Hs for success. A champion never gives up on his goals no matter how hard the road is towards achieving it, remains truthful to himself and others even if it may cause his reputation, and most importantly stays grounded and keeps feet on the floor with the achievements attained. Remember that self-image is valued than public image and have that inner peace when you remain truthful to yourself and your principles.

You are You

Be true to yourself even if no one is around. Your personality and character do not depend, change, and vary on every situation you are in. It is better to be hated for who you really than be loved for who you are not. There is no one else you are fooling but yourself for simply not showing your true character. Remember that how you treat yourself will reflect on how you treat others. Stay true.

Values. Values.

Great values never go out of style. The values that you have reflect the kind of lifestyle that you live and relationships that you keep. Values last for a lifetime as these are the things that you strongly believe in that no matter how challenging a situation may be, you stand firm to your beliefs and belief system. Be that person who people will look up to for standing up for his values even if it may cost him anything in his life.

What Do I Stand For?

Know what you stand for and you will know how to live. It is that kind of having a purpose that’s why you live. You live and breathe for something that you yearn for, you aspire of doing, you find self-fulfillment. Is it also in these instances that you find the meaning of your life; the life I have destined for you. What have you been doing so far that gives meaning to yourself and your life? Stand for it and live life!

Cultivate Character: Starting Young

Principles and Values were instilled since your childhood and are continuously being formed during adulthood. Generation to generation, blood to blood, these are being passed on to build one’s character, to hone one’s personality. For who you are today, you are defined by the principles and values that you live by through your experiences and beliefs. What principles and values will you inspire others to stand up for?

Gospel Mark 4:26-34 (Memorial of St John Bosco)