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Itch For Excellence

Have you been brave enough to ask: Why am I here? Our quest for our mission in life is always a daily process of honing oneself. Do not think this is a task you can achieve by your lonesome. People around you whether directly or indirectly will help you accomplish your mission. Be insightful and the process will be easier along the way. For all you know, the people in your life right now are the same people who will shape you to acquire the excellence you will need in order to fulfill your mission.

Rich Tapestry

Crafting your personal mission statement takes a few stages of inspirations from one’s life. Each experience is like a yarn that you weave, adding hues and colors as you go through your mission. Be passionate in your mission! Your enthusiasm will draw others to you. Let them be a part of the huge tapestry of life- a never ending weaving and interlocking that ultimately, will involve a bigger community forming  a rich tapestry.

3rd Secret of a Champion: Aim For A Mission

An excerpt from the book The Code Of Champions – Aim For A Mission:

You will know a champion. He inspires. He lives a purposeful life; he has clearly laid out that which he could be and do, the pursuit of which ignites his passion. But he could also be resilient when it comes to the pursuit of his dreams. He too knows what does not belong to him and he would not allow such bright shiny objects to zap him dry of his energies. Simply said, he knows his reason to get up every morning.

The American Philosopher Peter Koestenbaum in his article “Do You Have The Will To Lead? asserted, “Unless the distant goals of meaning, greatness, and destiny are addressed, we can’t make an intelligent decision about what to do tomorrow morning — much less set strategy for a company or for a human life.”

The champion inspires the rest of us because he refused to live the superficiality of our half-truths and cozy strategies of living. Mary Piper, a clinical psychologist observes, “Girls are caught in the crossfire of our culture’s mixed sexual message. Sex is considered both a sacred act between two people united by God and the best way to sell suntan lotion.” It’s not just sex; everything seems to be peddled around today dressed in half-truths because that is what is comfortable and conformable to us. End result? Split lives. Confused vision. Abandoned dreams.