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No prayer is ever wasted. Every prayer moment leaves an indelible imprint on the human spirit. Way after the candles have been blown to signal the end of prayer, there will always be that little insistent voice that lingers: “When you are in tears, so am I. But I do not waste my tears. I always save my tears for you.”

Christian Giving

Christian giving is humble and generous. This is the image of a widow who is a nobody in Jewish society, who in her nothingness gave everything she could. These are the people whose prayers and sacrifices are pleasing to God as in the humble sacrifice of Jesus that reconnected us back to god. And these are the people that we love and remember.


Its been a roller coaster ride of emotions this past few months, so many questions and surviving each day with heavy heart…Then I decided to attend Fr. Armando Robleza prayer school last Tuesday, I suddenly felt Jesus was talking to me, answering all the questions in my mind and touching my heart teaching me how to forgive. Last Wednesday Nov 4, I was able to do my duty as lector (Things I failed to do for 3 years na pala since I gave birth to my Neneng in 2012) and the gospel Luke 14:25-33 made me realized what went wrong in my life…I’ve been occupied with so many things that need to be done and taken cared of in my personal life na miss na pala ako ng totoo kong boss and all he wants is a little time from me…God has his way of answering your prayers you just have to wait and discover it… Father A said if something good happened to us after attending his class we have to share it to inspire others to pray…‪#‎prayerneverfails‬

Jenny Esmale-Rodriguez
SMC Foundation


Praying is like climbing a mountain. it is leaving the noise of the hectic rush, and getting used to the deepening silence as we go higher. The familiarity with the terrain of the plains becomes useless along the uncharted mountain trails. The trekker stops once in a while along his tracks and looks back on where he came from, but deep in his heart he knows he must keep on climbing towards the clouds of the unknown. When we pray, we often catch ourselves thinking about the noisy business of the day, stalled along the path to the Unseen God. But we know we have to plod on. Intimacy beckons.