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Three Days To Go…

“Code of Champions Certification Program”

February 17 & 18 / 830am to 5pm
Conference Room, 3/F Don Bosco Provincial House
A. Arnaiz cor Chino Roces, Makati City.

We look forward to welcoming another champion in you!

Tel: 0917 5034378; Email:


You are invited to attend a one-day seminar about building the soul of the workplace. Best for decision makers, HR / training practitioners or anybody who might wish to bring this seminar to their own workplace, school and organization.

December 10, 2016 / Saturday / 830am-5pm
Fee: Php2,500 per person inclusive of am/pm snacks and materials.
Venue: CYM Conference Room, 3rd Floor St. John Bosco Parish, Arnaiz St., Makati City

For inquiries: please call/text 09175034378 (Madz)

Pray On

Ninety-nine percent of praying ends with God throwing the ball back to us. It is your life. You decide. Then move on. Take courage. God gives clues; seldom will he give a clear-cut answer. Why? The answers are already in our hearts. Experienced prayers confirm that God reserves crystal clear directions for landmark decisions. You don’t make those choices every day, do you? God will never rob us of the joys of handling the manageable stuff. That’s the ninety-nine percent. Go for it. If you are simple enough, truly humble, and genuinely loving, fear will have no place in your heart. God already sits on your heart as his throne. It is I. Do not be afraid. Move on gratefully, gracefully and graciously. That is peace. It comes from within and no one can take it away from you.


You decide to be happy. Do not wait for the poverty to be over so that you can smile. Rich people can be happy; a poor man can decide to be happy and he will be. Do not wait for the tears to abate so that you can laugh. Comfortable people are happy; people awash in tears can also be happy if they so choose. Do not demand that your neighbor forgive before you would forgive. No one wins with unforgiving; the sooner you forgive, the sooner you will be happy. Now that is something new indeed. It is the reversal of all that people held to be true.

Jesus is Coming

May tatlong magkukumpare na sabay sabay namatay, pag akyat nila sa langit kinausap sila ni St. Peter.

Kumpare 1: St. Peter kagawad po ako sa amin.
St. Peter: Kilala kita, ikaw yong malaswang magsalita, bumalik ka sa lupa, ayus-ayusin mo ang buhay mo..
Kumpare 1: Opo, kung kinakailangan po.
Tsug! Biglang nawala…

Kumpare 2: St. Peter, Barangay Captain po ako..
St. Peter: Oo, kilala kita. Ikaw yong mataray. Ang dami mong sinaktan ang kalooban, pinahiya, bumalik ka sa lupa. Ayus-ayusin mo ang buhay mo
Kumpare 2: Opo, kung kinakailangan po.
Tsug! Biglang nawala…

Kumpare 3: St. Peter ako po si Mayor, baka hindi nyo po ako kilala
St. Peter: Ah, kilala kita! Ang lutong mong magmura! Hanggang sa langit naririnig namin! Wala ka nang sinabi,, papatayin ko siya, papatayin ko sila.. Bumalik ka sa lupa. Ayus-ayusin mo ang buhay mo.
Kumpare 3: Hindi na po kailangan
St. Peter: At bakit?
Kumpare 3: Napatay ko na po silang lahat….

The gospel today is tellig us the same thing, ayus-ayusin natin ang buhay natin. Jesus is coming…

Stay. Wait. Pray.

Prayer if it were genuine, anchors itself on the assurance of God’s love for his chosen one. How can you communicate with a God who has unfriended you in his Facebook account? Or maybe, it is the other way around: the would-be pray-er actually does not read the messages and tags that God posts on his timeline. Maybe, prayer takes time to sink in because we actually doubt ourselves, and in doing so, we doubt the faithful love of God being offered even to those who have chickened out. The King is speaking with his reassuring voice: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me…”


Have you ever experienced grappling with a certain issue for some time, to no avail? Despite all the analysis and calculations, you ended up still confused, not sure which direction to take. Still ill at ease and very tentative, you were actually back to square one. Then one day, out of nowhere, in a moment or a place that has nothing to do with your original concern, an idea, or a direction, or a plain hunch points you to a “solution” to your problem. And deep inside, you know, you must know, the right thing to do. Often, all we need is to waste some time waiting to have our “aha!” moments. A savant advises: “Close your mind, and your heart will provide the answers.”


There was a young man, a fresh graduate from a reputable school who applied for a job. During the interview their conversation went like this:
Owner of the company: “How much do you want for your starting salary”?
Young man replied: “One thousand Sir”.
Owner of the company: “Really”?.
Young man said: “One thousand dollars Sir”.
Owner of the company (surprised): “But that is forty five thousand pesos per month!”
Young man, “negotiable naman po Sir depende sa benefits”.
Owner: “So you will work for five months with medical and dental benefits including your family, on the sixth month you’ll get a car either a Lamborghini or a Porsche”
Young man: Sir nagbibiro naman po ata kayo..”
Owner: “Ikaw ang unang nagbiro e…”

Is your faith real or a big joke? Genuineness does not mean you do a lot of good things. The mark of genuineness is humility, a humble heart.